We employ some of the best and most experienced personnel in the traffic management industry

We heavily invest in our people as we are grateful to the contribution they make to the success of our business and to ensuring that we remain one of industry leaders in our sector.

Safer Roadworks is a fast-evolving company, the organic growth that we have achieved over the last years due to our commitments of quality, environmental, sustainability and health and safety see us go from strength to strength.

We believe that any business can be a good and healthy business as long as there are good people within that business, that is why Safer Roadworks go above and beyond to support our valued staff helping them achieve professional growth in their careers, we encourage them to keep advancing and flourishing into their dream career goals.

We appreciate that we could not be the business that we are, without the talent we have as a part of our team.

We are always on the look-out for enthusiastic people; from trainees wanting a change of career or taking their first steps within the industry, to experienced and qualified traffic management professionals.

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Equality & Diversity at Safer Roadworks

Safer Roadworks understands that we benefit enormously from the diversity and variety of our workforce we also understand that the richer the mix of people, skills, cultures; the greater the range of inputs, viewpoints, and experiences. Safer Roadworks is fully committed to being an equal opportunities employer and are fully committed to maintaining and encouraging this diversity with opposition to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Working with our Local Communities

Lowering the Unemployment Rate

Safer Roadworks is proud to be working with our local department for work and pensions, welcoming the unemployed into work and supporting them in getting the relevant training required to get started out in our industry.

Ex-armed forces personnel

We welcome ex-armed forces personnel with open arms and help them transition to civilian life, using their transferable technical skills within the traffic management industry.

Employment of ex-offenders

Helping ex-offenders transition into a working environment not only assists them in learning new skills, but also provides them with the potential to enjoy a fresh start when required and guides them into a long-term career. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, and we are opposed to any discrimination against ex-offenders. Statistics from the Ministry of Justice show that the re-offending rate is lower for Ex-Offenders who enter employment compared to those who don’t which helps our local communities in many ways.

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